About Us

House of Bakeries has a significant history. Since 1950, it has been serving its customers by providing the best quality products at a reasonable price. It is one of the oldest bakeries in India and has gained confidence among the customers as they have become obsessed with the unique taste of our cakes and pastries. We initiated with our old brand “Roshan Bakery” which was founded by our ancestor named as Late Mr. Roshan Lal in 1950 who was a highly skilled baker. During the period from 1950 to 2000, this brand grew up gradually. We were specialized in manufacturing Bread, Bun, Rusk, Biscuits and Plum Cake. Our customers always loved these items and we not only tapped the local market but also from the distant places, people used to buy our products. In 2001, we came up with a new brand “Krishna Bakery” which was founded by Mr. Kewal Kumar, the son of Late Mr. Roshan Lal. It was working at a larger level than the older one. We diversified our products and also included Cookies, Puddings, Jam Rolls, Cream Rolls and other confectionery items. There was a great response received from the customers. Krishna Bakery was operated from 2001 to 2021 with a marvellous performance and succeeded by our latest brand “House of Bakeries” which has been founded recently in January 2022. The prime objective behind this new brand was to switch from the retail market to wholesale in order to expand our operations nationally as well as internationally. After operating for over 70 years in the retail sector, we thought of developing the small bakeries by selling them our good quality bakery products. This is the reason of why our new brand is called as “House of Bakeries”.


Bio of Late Mr. Roshan Lal

Late Mr. Roshan Lal, the founder of Roshan Bakery, was a man of rich experience in baking for more than 50 years. He used to manufacture our bakery products in the Earthen Oven as there was no modern machinery available at that time. With a splendid knowledge of bakery, hard work of days and nights, true concern and respect for customers, he made the brand quite popular in the local market in a short span of time. He invented a large variety of biscuits’ recipes and flavors.


Bio of Mr. Kewal Kumar

Mr. Kewal Kumar, the founder of our another brands “Krishna Bakery” and “House of Bakeries” is the son of Late Mr. Roshan Lal. With over 35 years of experience in baking, he expanded the operations in the different cities and towns and created brand awareness. He diversified the line of products to Cookies, Jam Rolls, Cream Rolls, Pudding and other confectionery items. It was due to his extreme dedication and passion towards his work that he was able to invent more than 100 recipes of cookies.